Friday Five - Favorite Cuisines

February 19, 2016

Let's talk about food!

+ Mexican/Tex-Mex - I spent nearly 3.5 years without decent Tex Mex (while in Germany), and it was getting dire! It did, however, lead me to learn how to make amazing cheesy dip: Aproximately one part cream cheese to one part chili (any kind, I always do veggie).
+ Thai - Red Curry and Ka Prow/Spicy Basil! My husband likes the Gai Pad King.
+ Japanese - I love both Sushi and ramen, and would someday like to learn how to make both properly.
+ American - buffalo sauce, ranch and all the ways you can get potatoes prefaced with "loaded".
+ Dessert (Hey, I didn't say they all had to be regional!)

I would also like to give a shout out to Vietnamese, because what I've had so far is delicious but I don't feel very familiar with it.

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