Friday Five: Five things people think I do for a living

February 12, 2016
I work in a pretty interdisciplinary field with a lot of applications, which makes it both a way to get involved in different fields, and a little hard to explain. I've primarily worked in two areas, which explains some of the variety of topics, and honestly, it's usually* my fault for not being able to explain what I do to people quickly.

Here are some of the more memorable ideas people have come up with:

+ Photography
+ Marine Biology
+ Recover secret documents from East Berlin (this guy was very insistent that I did this, and seemed to take my denial as affirmation that it was top secret)
+ Astrology (I assume she confused it with astronomy)
+ Not exactly sure about this one, but once on a plane a man (The Two Double Whiskies Guy) slipped me a napkin with this written on it after I described my work to him:

* see Two Double Whiskies Guy

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