Weekly Wrap-up, February 28th

February 29, 2016


+ Squatted again yesterday! Knee feels OK today.
+ Brewed an IPA

+ Made swordfish steaks with peach salsa
+ Got red curry from my favorite Thai place
+ My spiralizer arrived! Have spiralized zucchini, carrots and potatoes with it (although I burnt the potatoes)


+ OHPed 55lbs!
+ Rediscovering that the US has an amazing selection of flavored Greek Yoghurt. Dessert has 12g of protein!
+ Started playing Dark Cloud (yep, that's PS2). God this game is repetitive! I first played it at a sleep over when I was probably a high school freshman? Oh, memories...


+ Physical Therapist told me "Unless you're competing in Olympic weight lifting, you don't need to squat to parallel." This is basically saying "unless you're competing, you don't need to actually need to run 5k to finish a 5k" or "unless you're playing in a league, you don't actually need to get the puck in the net to score a goal". I mean, doing the exercises properly to its full extent is sort of the point. No, I'm not a competitive lifter, and I don't think I'll ever be, but that doesn't mean I want to half-ass it either.
+ Someone in a nearby apartment was playing music with a lot of bass after midnight and most of today. It really bothers me that some stranger has complete control over when I sleep. We had this problem a few months ago with people talking/yelling all night and being woken up by a strange man's voice at any given moment gave me horrible anxiety.
+ Having to give students bad grades for not turning in work or contacting me about make up work.
+ Brewing was a lot harder than we thought! We needed a bigger pot, bigger sieve, bigger funnel. But even if it's a complete waste, we learned what not to do next time.

This Week:

+ Dinner with my sister and BIL
+ Giving a quiz to my students that I wrote myself
+ Going to look into setting up an IRA this week

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