Off Beat Valentine's Day Ideas

So we all know Valentine's day is just a Hallmark holiday to get us to spend money, right? We know we don't need to shell out for fancy dinners, roses and bottles of wine that all taste the same, we know we don't need to prove our relationships or worth to anyone, and that Valentine's Day was probably a lot better in 3rd grade, when the whole class got candy and pun laden cards featuring cartoon characters.

But maybe we kinda still care, even though we know better?

Some of that pressure is external, we want to have an answer when someone asks us if we have any big plans. Replying with "Oh, no, nothing special" makes it sound like you don't have anyone special. Maybe you're afraid launching into an explanation about how you don't need Valentine's Day to affirm your relationship makes you sound bitter. Or you feel like you missed out on a nice date when you hear your co-worker's stories the next day.

I also want to acknowledge my relationship. Ignoring V-day makes it seem like my relationship doesn't exist, like I'm pretending I'm not married, which doesn't feel so hot either. Not to mention February is a pretty boring month, so why not eat some chocolate and celebrate feeling loved?

So I'm putting together a list of fun, memorable and unconventional things to mark the day. There may be only a few now, but I'm going to keep expanding this list as I get more ideas, and hopefully repost it every year!

Things to do:

-Watch a very un-Valentine's-y day movie, but something that's still fun, like Shawn of the Dead. A zombie movie on Valentine's feels subversive and makes a good story, and you'll still have good time.

-In a similar vain, try a whiskey or beer tasting- it's definitely not traditional, but a themed tasting of say, chocolate stouts would be fun, low pressure, but still seasonal way to mark the occasion.

-Dress up fancy, pack a table cloth, nice silverware and candle sticks, and eat at your favorite fast food or fast casual (I'm thinking Chipotle or Panera) joint. Recommended for those who don't mind a few extra stares.
One Burrito Bowl, please!
-If you want to stay in, make some chocolate fondue. It's easy to make at home (also easier than it looks to clean up). Pretzel rods are perfect for dipping without needing a fork, marshmallows, stawberries and orange slices are nice choices as well.

Gift Ideas:

-Give a bouquet of something other than flowers, like Think Geek's bouquet of kittens. This is a bit tricky because you need to stick to the general shape

-There's some unusual jewelry in the IFLS store, like an an anatomically correct heart pendent or the molecules oxycontin  and dopamine

-Looking for a card? Check out these Awkward Valentine’s Day Cards From Emily McDowell or 21 Valentine’s Day Cards for the Modern Romance

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