This week in review... February 20th, 2015

February 21, 2016

The Highs:

+ Got through the first (and in some ways, one of the harder and more confusing) labs! My students this semester seem to be a lot more with it than last semesters, although I'm not teacher over dinner time.
+ Physical Therapist says my problem is with mobility, not an injury and that I can't damage it with use.
+ Free Burrito at Chipotle today

The Lows:

+ Lot's of confusion about lab because of the weather. Part of this week's lab was outside, but it was snowing and/or raining for two of my sections. I gave them to choice to either give it a try during class, meet with me during a make up two days later, or do it on their own. I suggested that one section turn in what they had done already so I could get started grading the first part of the lab. Now I have lots of unstapled pages with no names on them being turned in. The fault is probably mine for not making them turn the lab in all at once, but I didn't want to get flooded with labs the day before I had to return them. 

+ Since this lab was turned in individually (as opposed to one per group) there's about three times as much to grade. 

+ Electrical Muscle Stimulation at the Physical Therapists. So my PT wanted to check if I was dealing with a muscle imbalance between my right and left quad, and had me sit in this chair (with a seat belt) and a pad against my shin that I pushed/kicked against. To try to get an idea of what the maximum force I could produce was, they hooked me up to the EMS to push the muscle as hard as it could go.

First I did it without the EMS, and then he hit me with the "Stim" three times (each getting stronger) so I could get a feeling from it. It felt like being flicked to being hit with something light. It hurt a little, and felt really strange since what I felt and what I saw didn't line up, but it wasn't too bad.

And then it wast time for the real thing. It hurt like hell.

At first it stung really badly, then it felt like something narrow and round like a rod had been smacked into my leg, it really felt like I'd been hit with something. The feeling of being hit lasted until I left, although the right side (done first) hurt a lot more than my left. I yelled "OW!" across the room on the first one, but managed to stay quiet on the second. This was one of most painful experiences of my life.

Oh, and my quads are symmetric, so it was all just to rule something out. Still important, but I think I would have felt better if it had uncovered something.

This next week:

+ Two more labs tomorrow, grading the labs handed in too late to grade over the weekend and meeting with someone to finish hers up.
+ At least another PT appointment, this time to work out a plan of fixing it.

+ Going to try to find time to brew an IPA

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