Weekly Wrap-up, Febuary 14th

February 14, 2016


+ Tea. I drink a lot of infusions these days, with a splenda. I keeps me warm, hydrated (I have trouble with this) and helps me stop craving nibbles.
+ Snow. Not enough to have to dig out way out, but I think snow is so pretty. I went to uni in upstate New York, where there was a tremendous amount of snow in the winters, and I would sit into the library cafe watching the snow from enormous windows... 

+ The almost aggressively friendly woman I spoke to when setting up my PT appointment. You know how you can hear someone's smile? Her's was positively shouting.
+ Wild sunsets!


+ It's Valentine's day, and my husband is at work, as was he last night and Friday night. Even though I don't care too much about the holiday it's still a bit of a bummer.
+ Arguing about what to keep in a paper working with someone in another field. And then not hearing back from them for a week.
+ Finding out the professor I'm TAing for this semester has been sending emails to someone with the same name instead of me. Surprise, TAing starts next week, and the course has been changed a bit.
+ ...and to start that, it's going to be very cold and raining/snowing/sleeting this week, and the lab is partially outside! the professor said we could let the students out early to do it on their own time when the weather clears up, but I'm not sure if that's responsible from a teaching standpoint....
+ Trying to figure out taxes after moving internationally half way through the year :(

This week:

+ I start TAing tomorrow, two classes Monday, one on Tuesday. I was originally going to be doing 3 all in a row on Monday, but another TA had a class conflict and he took my night class. He sort of half jokingly asked if he could have an earlier one, and I sort of half jokingly told him I didn't want to teach it either. It was awkward, I came out with the better schedule, so I feel a bit guilty, but I while it would have been nice to switch, I didn't see why he should get the better deal  over me, either.
+ Hopefully, I'll get a physical therapy appointment and sort this whole IT band mess out. 

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