Workout Wednesday February 24th, 2016

February 24, 2016

Current goals: 

  • Start Squatting again in March.
  • Squat a plate by my birthday (mid September) (current PR: 95lbs ~43kg)
  • OHP: 50lbs 3x5
  • Bench: 70lbs 3x5

    Things I did:

    • Since last Wednesday I've had two physical therapy appointments, including one with the terrible Stim. Apparently my kneecap is also having flexibility problems (I guess it's the tendons around it, not the kneecap itself), although it only started doing weird stuff when the PTs started pushing on it. 
    • Quarter Squats are now an actual part of my PT program. I am becoming a gym meme. 
    • Did not manage 3 set of 5 at 50lbs OHP. I did manage one set of 10 at 45, though. 
    • 40 minutes on the elliptical (not allowed treadmill yet) today

    Things I hope to work on this week:

    • Get those OHP and bench goals
    • Squat, even a quarter squa,t with my knee in the right place.

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