Friday Five: My Half birthday

March 11, 2016
My half birthday happens this week, right around the Ides of March. It's been a very buy half year (but when doesn't a lot of stuff happen in 6 months?), so I though this would be the time to reflect back on five things I've accomplished since I turned 29:

+ Started TAing on my birthday, survived one semester, on to the second! It's been an incredibly different perspective to be the teacher rather than the student, and I think a lot of things I've learned won't even be apparent right away.
+ Gym habit. Yes, I talk about this a lot, but it's become a bigger and bigger part of my life.
+ Making friends, even if I never see them outside of the department, I have people I like to hang out with at work and can make laugh.
+ Started working on a new thesis. I've come to accept my last one will never see the light of day, despite being given the OK by a committee member. It's frustrating, but I haven't given up!
+ Slowly started putting my US life back together. We bought a car in October, a heavy comforter/duvet in December, the kitchen is filling up with gadgets and we have 6 months of expenses in our savings account.

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