Totally Honest Tuesdays: Jellybean Edition.

March 08, 2016
I love jellybeans. While they had them in Germany, only Haribo sold them and there wasn't a big surge in their popularity like around east. They also contained gelatin instead of pectin, which meant they weren't vegetarian.

I also like trying to eat healthily, and these little sugar bombs don't really work into that. I'd managed to hold off on eating these since I got them from my parents for Christmas:

See that one on the left? There are mojito flovoured jellybeans in there!
So it was with great joy and horror on my part when my mother dropped off this:

That's 4 pounds ( ~1.8kg) of jelly beans! It's magnificent.

and this is 140 calories worth:

My TDEE is about 1700, so that is just over 8% over my total food for the day. And they were delicious. And now I want more.

I don't usually say foods are "bad", they're just food and food can't be evil. But there's almost no nutritional benefit in these things besides simple carbs (does that mean I get away with calling it preworkout?). So it's going to be tough to find room for them in my diet, but I do want to find that room very much. 

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