Weekly Wrap up, March 13th 2016

March 13, 2016
+ My husband found my ipod! it had been missing for months, and I swear I checked under the couch cushions half a dozen times, but there it was, in it's battered, cracked screen glory.
+ The 4 pounds of jelly beans my mother gave me. (this could also be a low)
+ Really nice weather! it was in the 70s a few days this week (75F is about 24C). For comparison, it would be in the 60s in June in Hamburg, the last place I lived.
+ My physical therapy is coming to an end, I cancelled all my standing appointments and need to call to make a follow up in two weeks.

+ I broke my ipod! yep, a few days after finding it, it now looks like this:

+ Royally messed with my students on the quiz this week. I have to have three version of the same quiz so prevent cheating, and if I'm not really careful I end up making changes to 2 of the 3 but forget the last. I realized I had done this to my first two sections, so I deleted the files I had been using for two of them and reverted to an older copy... which included an extra credit question I had to get rid of! On only 2 out of the three quizzes. I explained to my students that I'd messed up, and I hope they understand. But basically I was a really crappy TA this week and I'm really embarrassed.
+ I think I gave myself tennis elbow?
+ Got an email from my last job - I'm still finishing up a project/book we started years ago - saying I need to do XYZ by March 25th. I want to finish this project, but I don't actually work there anymore, and I get frustrated not hearing from people for weeks, and then out of the blue being given deadlines as if I have no other responsibilities! I have to connect remotely to a computer there in Germany to access the files and software I need, which means the computer must be free and on with the software up and running and someone has to email a temporary password to me. Which means

This Week: 

+ Honestly, I have no plans yet this week! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing?
+ ...of course, I might hear from Germany that I have to spend the day working on their work. Still, it's a great project and I shouldn't complain. Too much.

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