Weekly wrap up March 27th 2016

March 28, 2016


+ This bus driver had a daffodil in her coffee cup

+ Making sushi

 + Tried the beer we made, and it tastes like beer! This is a small but important victory.

 + Almost fell asleep on a squishy Moss carpet

+ Bought Lego Star wars and a splinter cell game for ps2 for $5.29 for both
+ Spring break started on Friday


+ Unfollowed someone after she professed her belief that you could cure a disease by diluting something similar in water, alcohol, sugar etc and hitting it against something like a book.
+ managed to buy yet another roll of white cheddar rice cakes without any white cheddar on them
+ got called Angel by a guy I don't know (this isn't a close friend teasing me, this is a stranger)
+ Hamburg refuses to use correct terms for things, I'm left guessing what they need
+ I think my thesis will require more linear algebra than I'd hoped to remember

This Week:

+ I get this week off from teaching Spring break, but I hope to get some serious work done on my thesis.
+ File taxes. I think I have everything done besides the dividends.
+ Catch up on sleep

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