Weekly Wrap-up, March 6th, 2016

March 06, 2016


+ Hints of Spring and possibly the last snow of the season?
+ Dinner with my sister, ate sooo much Mexican food!
+ The IPA we tried to make smells like beer so far.
+ My adviser gave my a 1TB hard drive to pack with data, and I should be getting a work station on campus to use soon.
+ Posted on my Travel blog about some practical stuff for visiting Sintra.


+ Wasted two hours at work waiting for the internet to come back before giving up and going home.
+ I think the quiz I gave this week was too hard. Or rather I don't think it was too hard, but my students do. I think some will be kicking themselves in the head when they see how easy the question 80% of them got wrong was, but I still feel like I let them down somehow.
+ Lots of noisy neighbors at night this week, including the family upstairs who let their child scream for half an hour (all the bedrooms of the nearby apartments are next to each other, usually when she cries they take her out of the bedroom).
+ Knee hurt a little bit after squatting on Saturday
+ Husband having to work Saturday evening and all day Sunday.
+ Realized my life revolves around grading, eating and the gym.

This Week:

+ Want to buy a gym bag, but they all seem so big. I just want something I can fit in my backpack that's like twice as big as a pair of trainers. I'm wondering if I can buy a shoe bag for travel and use that instead?
+ Also want to buy a pair of 1.25lb ~.25kg washers to use as microplates. and new gym pants with a pocket big enough for my phone.
+ This week's lab involves watching a documentary, so it'll be a bit easier on me.

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