Cologne Cathedral

April 12, 2016
Cologne Cathedral or Kölner Dom is, if we're quite honest, a Gothic monstrosity. Actually, this cathedral took so long to build you could argue that it is both Gothic and Neo-Gothic. It has the largest façade of any church in the world, and is currently the tallest twin spired church at 157 meters (515 feet) tall.

I first went to Cologne for work, I had to pick something up from a trade fair and since they paid for my hotel room, it only cost my husband a train ticket to go with me. The second time we flew from Hamburg to meet up with a friend driving in from Bavaria. He picked us up from the airport, we stopped at the cathedral for a while and then all drove to Antwerp.

Inside the stained glass windows are amazing, including one "pixelated" modern window installed after the original was blown out in WWII.

I didn't think Cologne was that exciting of a city, but if you are ever in west Germany (or even West Belgium or that sliver of the Netherlands for that matter) take a train to Kolner Hauptbahnhof, and the moment you step out you'll be dwarfed by its melodramatic spires.


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