Travel Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

April 26, 2016
The first time I went to London I was... I'm not sure, but I after visiting the Natural History Museum my grandparents bought me a box of plastic dinosaurs, and I chewed on their tails if that gives you an age range. I know I visited again when I was about 12. My parents are both from the UK, and my mother had lived there during her teenaged years. We were staying with a friend of her's from Uni who lived in the suburbs outside.

I returned in 2013 with my husband and sister in law, and while we didn't go to the Natural History Museum, we did go to the British Musuem, where I got to see many artifacts from the Eyewitness books I'd grown up with.

We went to the roof of a mall for this view of St Paul's:

Visited Trafalger Square while England and Scotland were playing a friendly at Wembley.

 And happened up the beautiful St Dunstin's in the East, a church left in romantic ruins after WWII.


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