Weekly Wrap Up, April 10th

April 10, 2016


The Highs:

+ Got Coffee with my sister and mom. Actually I got a chai latte instead of coffee and I forgot how amazing they are!
+ Sushi twice this week!

+ Husband worked a beer festival. I didn't go because I wasn't sure how I would ahve got home and there wasn't anything really itneresting there anyway. But this was his first big festival.
+ Related: Burnt a CD (OMG, I know!) of beer related podcasts for the husband while we wait for our auxiliary cable to arrive (for the car).
+ No more work from Hamburg this week!
+ Found a dollar for the Cayman Islands lying in the grass. Looks like someone had a fun spring break!
+ File our taxes. It was a struggle, I did them both by hand and with an online program, but we'll be getting a good bit back.

The Lows:

+ Found more students have cheated, and the one who cheated last week cheated again.
+ Meeting with professor and other TAs on Sunday to do a walk through of the lab. Maybe this shouldn't be a low because I'll be outside and it's not going to rain, but my husband and I usually only have Sundays off together (that beer festival was Saturday) so it's frustrating have to work instead.
+ The weather. It actually snowed on Saturday and rained a lot of the week. It's feeling an awful lot like Spring in Hamburg...
+ Found out my free chips and guac from Chipotle had 800 calories in it! I know guacamole is pretty energy dense, but 570 were from the chips which surprised me. The bowl I usually get loaded up with guac, cheese and sour cream is 850 by comparison. 

This week:

+ Lab might be rained out this week. Next week is scheduled as a rain date. Since I teach three sections it's possible some will be rained out but not all, which would be kind of weird.
+ Going to try to arrange dinner with my sister and her husband.

Things I did to Live Better:

+ Looked up new movie releases and added reminders for the ones I want to see. My local theatre charges $5.50 per ticket on Tuesdays, making it an affordable mid-week date.

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