Weekly Wrap Up, April 24th, 2016

April 24, 2016


+ My husband alerted me to this cat hiding in a tree:

+ I didn't have to teach any labs this week since this was a rain date for last week's lab. 

+ Got red curry at my favorite Thai restaurant!

+ I finally got some good work in on my thesis working with actual data instead of just reading papers and thinking about it. Not as much as I would have liked, but I'm ramping up.

+ Tried a free sample of Mountain Dew Black which was kind of tasty, (it's berry flavoured) but way too sweet.

+ It's still pretty cold here at night, but I managed to stay out long enough to enjoy a bonfire!


+ My husband had an interview about 4 hours away, so he decided to get a hotel room the night before. It was really strange spending the night alone. I didn't like it.

+ I think I've got sun burnt twice so far this year already?

+ It's barely reaching 70 most days and yet my university has air-conditioning blasting already. I wear sweaters all year long.

+ Only got to see the lab I'm teaching this week for the first time Thursday night, then the professor was out sick on Friday. He teaches Monday mornings, so if I need to meet with him to ask questions I have to go into work today (Sunday) at dinner time.

This week:

+My university is putting on a dance fundraiser for AIDS and what are the free classes is belly dancing we have always wanted to try but was a little too shy. Maybe I'll muster up the courage to go.

Things I did to live better: 

+ Lots of scheduling and planning on google calendar to try to make the most of my time and be as productive as possible.
+ Scoured facebook for events in my area in the upcoming weeks. 

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