Weekly Wrap up, April 3rd 2015

April 03, 2016



+ got lunch with an old friend I hadn't seen in years! I really need to make an effort now to stay in touch.
+ made my sister dinner, had to double the recipe and didn't make enough peanut sauce, but it was nice to hang out with her somewhere that wasn't a restaurant.
+ honestly, this wasn't a great week. Maybe this next one will be better.


+ It was windy over night and this happened: That'll be $400-$500, and last week we spent $800 on tires.

+ Spent the rest of the day working on taxes. I'm still really confused about whether form 1040 references form 2555 directly.

+ Hamburg work continued with a few "we need this asap!" requests. I think my part has finished three times so far.

+ Between family time, traveling, grading, Hamburg work and catching up on chores didn't get much of a break. In two weeks the lab I teach is outside, with the week after that is the rain date, so I should have one of the weeks off. (Or potentially, I teach 2 labs one week and 1 the other.)

+ I swear, there's practically a separate branch of algebra for lentils. Is this weight cooked or dry? how many calories? is that for cooked or dry? How much water do I need? Oh, the package is in American/imperial units, and I'm measuring in grams. 

This Week:

+ Coffee with my mother
+ Might go see a documentary or two my university is putting on later this week.
+ Beer festival on Saturday, it's expensive so I don't know if I'll attend.

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