Weekly Wrapup, April 17th, 2016

April 17, 2016


+ This Cat in my neighborhood:
+ Husband not only heard back from a job he applied to, but also did a phone interview and has a second round interview scheduled next week!
+ Got Mexican with my husband to celebrate his interview
+ And then got burgers with my sister and our husbands on Friday
+ The weather did turn out to be nice enough to do all my labs this week
+ Smelled fresh cut grass for the first time this summer
+ Got some major work done on my thesis. Ok, it was mostly reading, but things are beginning to fall into place.
+ Yesterday was nice enough that I opened a window and a bee got in! I noticed she wasn't flying, only crawling and looked really sick. I gave her some honey (my husband later said you're not supposed to give bees honey?) and she perked back up and I caught her and let her back outside.


+ Talked to three students about cheating. Two deny it and one probably didn't. Man, I hate those conversations
+ Everyone hears my husband has an interview and assumes it means I've given up on my degree. :(

Next week:

+ No lab! This week would have been the rain date, but isnted I'm going to try to get some thesis-ing done.
+ Going to try to get to (it's at 9am) a defense. I guess I should really start going to more of these and take notes!
+ Husband is driving up to the interview the night before just in case of traffic, which means I'm alone for the first time in the apartment! It's so weird not having him around, I don't really like it.

Things I did to live better:

+ Scheduled dinner with family.
+ Made four servings of (way too hot) curry on Tuesday. It has lentils in it so my husband won't touch it. Four dinners for me!
+ Going to let Google Calendar's Goals feature help me plan my week. 

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