Workout Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

April 06, 2016

Current goals: 

+ Squat a plate by my birthday (mid September) (current PR: 105lbs ~47.6kg)
+ Run/walk a mile in under 10 minutes (current PR: 11 mins 11 seconds)
+ Long Term Goal: Run 5k in under half an hour

    Things I did:

    + Squatted 105lbs x3
    + Benched 75lbs x2
    + Deadlifted for the first time in forever! I keep trying to squat the bar up and hit my shins
    + Had a really bad Sunday. We were on the way to the gym when we found our car like this:
    A branch did it
    We couldn't tape it up since it was too windy and the tape wasn't sticking to anything. We decided to just drive over, but I chickened out because I thought peices of glass were flying around. So I went to the dinky fitness room in my apartment complex figuring I would do some cardio. I usually run after squatting, so this would give me a chance to run without being tired first. It started out well, I was able to run faster than usual, but as I was slowing it back down to the walk phase my hand hit the 'pause' button and it reset. I finished the mile, but have no idea what the time was.

    Things I hope to work on this week:

    + Hit 110lbs in Squat
    + 60lbs OHP

    What's your workout this week look like? Goals, progress, injury, frustration? leave a comment!

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