I hate my PT exercises

May 06, 2016
I have to do a series of exercises to help strengthen and lengthen the muscles in my left leg to stop my IT band from hurting and something snapping against the outside of my knee when I bend it. Physical therapy has been a mixed experience, on the one hand the exercises seem to be helping, on the other I felt like the therapists ignored or forgot a lot of what I was telling them.

Still, I try to do the exercises and stretches every day.

And they drive me crazy! I know I need to make sure to buckle down and do them because:

+ They're good for me - they're an investment in my health
+ I paid money for someone to prescribe them for me, so they're a financial investment, too.

But I still hate them!

+ Since I'm working with my legs, I spend a lot of time lying on the floor, rolling around back and forth. I end up with a headache and kind of dizzy.
+ I also notice that I should probably vacuum.
+ Also, I can see under the coffee table.
+ There are so many other things I need and want to do, that I get resentful when I have to stop what I'm doing for something I don't enjoy.
+ I don't see the benefits right away. I don't get any satisfaction from doing them and since this is a long term process I don't feel like I get much out of them on a day to day basis.
+ I'm one of those people who is always cold, so the idea of leaving my blanket or heater to thrash around on the floor sounds horrible.
+ I have a suspicion my therapist didn't really believe me when I said I lift weight and don't really run (he told me not to bother squatting to parallel but gave me a running progression).

All in all, they only take 10-15 minutes, but I always end up feeling crappy (that headache) afterwards (although I've found a pillow helps). I can start tapering them off over time, and honestly, they seem to be working. I squatted 4x10 last week, not counting warm up and messing around with front squats and it was fine.

But they're still a pain in the ass to do.


  1. I have IT band issues as well right now and need to go to PT, but have not scheduled it yet. The body takes maintenance - that is for sure. Keep at it so that bigger issues don't form! Best of luck!

  2. Awe man - I'm sorry you dislike them so much. Is there any way to make them more fun? Put on a good TV show while you do them or give yourself a little treat after you finish them?

    1. I usually listen to podcasts while I do them, but I can't hold a conversation because I have to count for some of them. Now that I'm seeing more results I mind them a little less, but I usually put them off as long as possible still.

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  4. I think PT can be a pain and boring but so worth it in the end! Keep at it and hopefully you'll feel better soon :)


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