Travel Tuesday: Antwerp

May 03, 2016
We were really only in at work for a few hours earlier that day we flew from Hamburg to Cologne met up with a friend of my husband and then we drove the route to and work. This was the start 4 day 4 days in Belgium followed by three in the Netherlands. We had decided our route through Belgium based on the prices of hotels for this particular nights rather than any efficient driving route however Belgium is small enough I don't think it made much difference. So we arrived in Antwerp who late afternoon I think.

We checked into the hotel, and wandered around town. I was amazed at this rather grisly statue:

The statue is based off a myth of a giant who used to guard the river, demanding money to let travelers pass. If they refuse to pay his toll, he would cut off their hand and throw it into the river. 

One day a Roman Solider named Silvius Brabo refused, and in the resulting fight managed to cut off the giant's own hand, and throw it into the river. Alledgedly, the name Antwerp is derived from 'handwerpen' or hand throwing in Dutch/Flemmish.

After some french Belgian fries, we tried a few beers at a nearby pub, visited Het Stein, and decided to go for one more drink at the famous Kulminator, currently rated the 5th best beer bars in the world (I've also been to numbers 3 and 4) where we ordered a flight of 10 beers on tap. The night ended with our friend downing the 18ish% abv Mikeller Black wandering through the now dark streets of old Antwerpen, and making our way to Ghent the next morning.

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