Travel Tuesday: Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

May 24, 2016
Arthur's Seat is an extinct Volcano in the middle of Edinburgh, the name probably coming from "Archer's Seat" and nothing to do with King Arthur. We were there the days before the 2014 World Cup, and had beautiful weather. After exploring castles and drinking at the Real Ale Festival, we decided to spend a morning climbing up the great hill.
The view from Craigmillar Castle of the city and hill

 Most people took a route directly up the hill, but we wanted something a little more quiet and off the beaten path - literally. It hadn't rained in a while, leaving the bare trails dry, dusty, and a bit slipery.

We did not go this way

The Hidden Trail
 The walk was overall pretty easy with some steep parts. I managed to fall on my butt after slipping on some of the fine, dry dust, but I was walking on a relatively flat part and bounced back up. My husband did get a weird sunburn from where I missed with sunscreen.

 From the hill you can see over the city, including Edinburgh Castlse, two Lochs, and two ruined churches: the small St Anthony's chapel, and the much larger Holyrood Abbey.

Holyrood Abbey

St Anthony's Chapel

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