Travel Tuesday: Asam Church, Munich

May 10, 2016
About a year ago, I finally got around to visiting Bavaria after living in Germany for three and a half years! And no trip to Bavaria is complete without at least a short stay in Munich. Built in the mid 1700s by two brothers who were artists, the church is relatively small compared to nearby cathedrals, but they sure did manage to fit a lot in there!

With excessive ornamentation, the church, officially St. Johann Nepomuk, was originally intended for the personal use of the two brothers, one who was a painter and the other a sculpture. In order to aquire building rights, they had to open the church to the general public, It's situated on a busy road near Munich's old town, full of shops and offices, and while it's hardly hidden, the Rococo explosion inside is still unexpected.

Take a look at this particular sculpture near the entrance: bedecked in gold leaf a skeleton threatens to cut short the life of a cherub. A wonderful reminder to all who enter and leave the church.
Memento Mori


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