Weekly Wrap Up, May 15th, 2016

May 16, 2016



+ Gave that final, and am now done teaching! And am done with most of the grading already!
+ Finally some good weather!
+ Watched Captain America: the Winter Solider, wasn't a huge fan of it but we'd been meaning to watch it for a while.
+ Found something important I was scared I lost!
+ Another beautiful sunset


+ Kept awake until 2am Monday night by the man singing in an apartment next to us, hence force to be known as the Midnight Minstrel. He sings for a few seconds, then is quiet for a few minutes before singing again, like he's writing music.
+ Also lots of rain in addition to the sunshine.

This week

+ Going to WV to see MIL
+ I think I'm gonna do this! Practiced for it today

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