Weekly Wrap Up, May 1st, 2016

May 01, 2016


+ Voted! and while I was walking to my polling place, I saw a deer chilling in someone's yard:

+ Started playing Lego Star Wars for the PS2. It's pretty silly.
+ Honestly, it wasn't the best week. :(


+ Lost the laundry key, found it already in my pocket just as I ran out of time to do it before I had to get to campus.
+ Haven't heard anything the job my husband interviewed for.
+ More crappy weather, it feels like Hamburg. 
+ Did not go to belly dancing. I wasn't ever sure if it was really intended for beginners, or what to wear, and the weather as terrible.

Next week

+ Last lab of the semester!
+ Husband should definitely hear about that job in the next few days.

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