Weekly Wrap Up, May 29th, 2016

May 29, 2016



+ Received a wedding invitation in the mail! The wedding is 3 days after my 30th Birthday, which means I get to attend a fancy part and don't have to plan it or pay for it!

+ Rediscovered how good Kimchi is
+ Finally some good weather! It went from the longest March ever to summer!
+ Won the bench press challenge
+ Came across the words for Monty Python's World's Funniest Joke  and decided to translate it once and for all, and got this:
Honestly, I'm not sure that's real German, but it's something about pinball?
+ Made fish tacos for my family Sunday
+ Met a toad sentinel whose eyes turned purple under my flash!


+ Husband has to work Memorial Day :(
+ It's graduation weekend here so the town is very busy, with lots of traffic, and in general over capacity. It took us 35 minutes to get to the gym one day and 7 the next.

This Week:

+ Husband's birthday! and he has another job interview
+ My university rounds up all the furniture, appliances, etc that students moving out want to get rid of, and then sells them for super cheap on Wednesday. One year I got a large desk (that's now at my parent's house) so I'm going to check out what they have this year, too.

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