Workout Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

May 18, 2016

Current goals: 

+ Squat a plate by my birthday (mid September) (current PR: 110lbs ~50kg))
+ Run/walk a mile in under 10 minutes (current PR: 10 mins 52 seconds)
+ Long Term Goal: Run 5k in under half an hour

Things I did:

+ New running high score! (er...low score? time. Low time) 10:52
+ Squatting did not go as well as planned. I could only do 110 lbs twice, and failed two attempts at getting a third one. I'm definitely stuck at 110 lbs.
+ but I did the bench press challenge! I got 10 reps, and so far (Wednesday) I'm the first (and probably only) one in my category. I think it would be more fun and satisfying to compete if there were more people doing it, but I'm still really glad I did. I think I surprised the trainer (Alex) that I could do so many, and it was two more than I did earlier in the week. So the week ended on a high note.

Things I hope to work on this week:

+ This week I'm going to be visiting my MIL's, so there's going to be a little less gym time than usual.
+ Figure out a program for my squats. I'd like to squat more than twice a week, but a squat-every-day might not be practical. I'm thinking about greyskull, but I'd like to go to the gym more than 3 times a week...
What's your workout this week look like? Goals, progress, injury, frustration? leave a comment!


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  1. Woohoo- way to go with your bench press progress, that is no easy feat! Thanks so much for linking up :)


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