Workout Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

May 25, 2016

Current goals: 

+ Squat a plate by my birthday (mid September) (current PR:120lbs ~54.4kg)
+ Run/walk a mile in under 10 minutes (current PR: 10 mins 52 seconds)
+ Long Term Goal: Run 5k in under half an hour

    Things I did:

    + Well, this past week I was at my MIL's for four days, so I only got the gym twice since my last Workout Wednesday
    + But I'm starting 5-3-1 on squat
    + and then the next day tried some heavy singles and reached 120lbs!!!!
    + Front squatted 60lbs x10
    + The Benchpress challenge from last week was extended, but I'm still leading in my category.
    + Tried some incline dumbbell bench press

    Things I hope to work on this week:

    + Figure out how to squat more than twice a week
    + Get the weight on my front squats up

    What's your workout this week look like? Goals, progress, injury, frustration? leave a comment!

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