Weekly Wrap up, June 26th

June 25, 2016


+ Thai food on Friday
+ Saw Zootopia and really enjoyed it
+ Made some small alterations on a thrifted dress to make it fit better


+ It feels like every time I talk to my adviser  he changes his mind about what I should be doing!
+ Found out we have a week to decide whether to renew our lease or move out in two months.
+ The Brexit - I'm a UK citizen but am not eligible to vote because I don't/have never lived there. I did, however, get to live and work in Germany for three and half years (coming home almost a year to the day ago) without a visa. While I doubt it will have much direct affect on me in practice, I'm very sad that in near future I will no longer hold an EU passport.
+ Beach trip got postponed

This week:

+ May spend some of the weekend helping my sister paint and fix up her new house! that she bought! at 25yo!

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