Workout Wednesday, June 29th 2016

June 29, 2016

Current goals: 

+ Squat a plate by my birthday (mid September) (current PR: 125lbs ~56.7kg)
+ Run/walk a mile in under 10 minutes (current PR: 10 mins 52 seconds)
+ Long Term Goal: Run 5k in under half an hour
+ Learn how to Pistol Squat

    Things I did:

    + tried low bar squatting, and my form is a mess!
    + incline bench pressed 70lbs
    + noticed a lot of new people at the gym this week, including the Plate Bandit (seriously, he'll cross the gym to get a set of plates and completely ignore the ones on his rack), the Shadow Boxer (who also shadow curls in my the squat rack) and Dress Shoes.
    The big thing I did this week, was talk to the head trainer at my gym about deadlifting. I originally asked her how much a training session with her would cost, but since they only sell a month's worth at a time, it didn't sound like a great fit for me since I only want one or two sessions for her to critique my deadlift. She said if she was around when I was deadlifting she would check out my form and give me some advice, and suggested I:

    • Strengthen my upper back with rowing
    • Strengthen my grip with rowing and farmer's carries
    • Try trap/hex bar deadlifts to build up leg strength and form 
    • One legged leg press and split squats
    + Oh, and the dog from two weeks ago was named employee of the month (the first one ever).

    Things I hope to work on this week:

    + Maybe start deadlifting again? I know I say that all the time...
    + There's a 5k I might be interested in at the end of August, but I'm not sure I'd be able to make it. And the furthest I've ever run is like a mile, maybe a bit over. And it's soooo hard. :(

    What's your workout this week look like? Goals, progress, injury, frustration? leave a comment!

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