Weekly Wrap Up, July 17th

July 17, 2016
+ Sours and Shandies tasting on Friday where I got to try some tasty and some downright gross of beers including North Coast Sherry tarte rodenbach Grand Cru
+ Earned my first $25 gift certificate through Swagbucks
+ We got our lease extension
+Tried matcha green tea ice cream
 + got to catch a Pokemon on my sister's phone since it doesn't work on mine and  then found the app  Walk for a Dog which helps you which donates money to an animal shelter of your choice based on how many steps you take.

+ The heat. OMG I hate the cold but this was too much
+ This proposal is hard to write!
+ It is so hard to coordinate travel with people who don't live with you

This week

+ Visiting MIL on Friday

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