Weekly Wrap Up, July 3rd, 2016

July 03, 2016
Another not very exciting week - it was dominated by working on my thesis (which is a win for me, but not very exciting) and my MIL's health.


+ found some unconventional uses for my waffle iron

+ joined justasimplehome.com's  de-clutter challenge! So far I have filed my financial paper work, and organized my tupperware!

+ Helped paint my sister's house today! Well, really all we did today was chip away at the layers of wall paper and questionable paint colors (one room was hot pink and lime green). I apackled, sanded, rolled and got paint all over myself.


+ Trying to figure out where we'll be living September and next year
+ MIL health is deteriorating and it's bringing a lot of stress to my husband and his family
+ Broke the straw on my tumbler!
+ Power went out briefly on Friday, and I waited on hold for 30 minutes trying to report it until giving up. I'm not sure why they don't have an automated option where you just leave your address?
+ Husband got sick :(

Next Week:

+ Three day weekend!
+ Happy hour on Wednesday with my sister and a friend or two

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