Weekly Wrap Up, September 18th

September 18, 2016

The Highs

+ Turned 30! got sushi and made Kahlua milkshakes because it was too hot to bake a cake.

+ Met with my adviser and a member of my committee to talk about my thesis, and getting it finished

+ Got to hang out with some people I'd lot touch with over the summer, and met some new grad students

+ Went to the wedding of a high school friend,

+ Used the wedding as an excuse to buy some new make up.

+ Stayed in a lovely airbnb with a friendly cat

+ Had a few days that felt like fall!

The Lows

+ The gym. After taking a break from it (a holiday, then my MIL passing away) I am very weak, very tired and very sore.

+ The day after the wedding. ugh....

+ The wedding present didn't show up. Not impressed with Amazon Prime's two day shipping

This Week:

+ Husband returns to WV for more house cleaning

+ Getting dinner with my parent's on Wednesday

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