Ideas for celebrating Christmas when you don't have kids

December 04, 2016
It's the most wonderful time of year, but Christmas can seem a little empty when you're no longer a kid, or don't have any children yourselves. It can be easy to let Christmas become an excuse for overspending (we bought ourselves a PS4 Black Friday weekend) and over indulging on food and nog.

Similar to my Halloween ideas post, this isn't a list of things you can do only if you don't have children, rather it's a list of things you can do despite not having children. A lot of them would be great with kids, but just as good without - for example, you wouldn't be visiting Santa at the mall without children, but you can still bake Christmas cookies without them.

+ See Trans Siberian orchestra, or the Nutcracker
+ Crafts that involve hot glue, sharp needles and lots of patience
+ Festive undies
+ Read Terry Pratchett's Hogfather (it's also a TV movie)
+ Fun runs for charity - in a Santa Hat
+ Refashion ugly Christmas sweaters
+ Knit or Crochet red and green blankets to donate to a pet shelter - they won't care if you dropped a stitch or the ends are peaking out a bit!
+ Learn to play a Christmas song on an instrument
+ Wear a Santa hat while you run errands (or at work, if they're cool - I'm considering wearing one to the gym)
+ Take a family Christmas card photo- with the pets
+ Bake all the cookies
Photo via Visual Hunt
+ If you have any friends with curious children, offer to keep their Christmas presents at your place, and help wrap them
+ Add alcohol to your hot chocolate
+ Eggnog. OMG yes, please!
+ See if any neighborhoods in your area coordinate light displays
+ Make a wreath out of pine branches
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+ Put up a bird feeder
+ Make some festive cocktails
+ Watch the Christmas episodes from your favorite TV shows
+ Check if any Museums, formal gardens or parks have Christmas displays or events
+ Hang mistletoe
+ Try one of these off-beat Christmas movies
+ Find ways to incorporate these scents into your cooking, hand lotion, candles, diffuses, etc: peppermint, clove, apple, orange, pine, cranberry, gingerbread. Here are some more ideas to make your home smell like Christmas.
+ See if anywhere near you has a Christmas Market - they're becoming more popular in the States
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+ Practice your photography with Christmas lights until you get the bokeh just right
+ Cut out some themed snowflakes, like these Starwars and these A Game of Thrones inspired ones!
+ Display Christmas cards on the windowsill, mantle, or string them between bookcases
+ Build a Gingerbread house - either from a kit, or be your own architect
Photo via Visualhunt
+ Count your blessings, make an actual list of all the wonderful people and things in your life right now
+ Volunteer (although many organizations are flooded with help this time of year, when they could desperately use it the rest of the year as well)

Spending Christmas alone? Being Alone at Christmas by Jane Travis

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  1. Claire, I think this is a great list of things to do!! I'll be celebrating with my husband, sisters and their husbands. None of us have kids! I shared this with my Twitter followers. Do you have a Twitter? I'd love to tag you.


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