November Wrap Up/December Goals

December 02, 2016

Even though it only had 30 days, November seemed like such a long month to me. It started out like mild fall, and ended as dreary winter, and what a lot happened in between!

The good:

+ The first week was still nice enough for flowers, so I wandered over to the tiny gardens the agricultural center at my Uni grows:

+ Voted
+ Belated house warming party at my sister's
+ Bought a ps4! Turned out to be the cheapest at Target. It arrived November 30th and while I want to save it for Christmas, my husband wants to get it out immediately!
+ Made the main dish for my family's Thanksgiving. 
+ Ate lots of roasted apples and Brussels sprouts.
+ Bought presents for my sisters (and maybe myself)
+ Made apple rings from my SIL's organic apples
+ Husband had one in person interview, one phone interview, one job offer and another interview scheduled... all in one day!
+ We put up our Christmas tree a few days after Thanksgiving! Notice the cat at the bottom

The Bad

+ Trump. I don't understand how so many people could support someone who is just so... gross.
+ Major plumbing work had to be done on the apartment, which terrified Reggie. I had to sleep several nights with a huge gaping hole in my bedroom wall while the area dried out. It took weeks to get everything fixed, and I had no idea when of if maintenance would show up. In fact, someone stopped by today (Dec 2nd) to do more work.

+ Car got scuffed on a rock
+ Husband was out of town for about two weeks.
+ The price of the electronics in my Amazon cart went up on Black Friday - so I bought them from Target instead
+ Reggie has been a little monster at night. Playing with him between our dinner and his seems to be helping a lot, but when he's rambunctious he'll chase after you and bite your pant legs.

Why yes, that is Castle Grayskull in the background - my husband's been cleaning out his mom's hosue. 

+ This is a tough one.... Learned my mom's cancer is no longer in remission

December Goals

+ Finish the data processing portion of my thesis, display the data in graphs and discuss what they mean in my draft. And send it to my adviser!
+ Buy presents for my parents
+ See Dr Strange, Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts
+ Bake a Yule Log
+ Make Apple sauce or apple butter
+ Dehydrate more apples
+ Find those winter clothes that seem to still be in storage
+ Wear a dress or skirt at least three times!
+ Squat 135lbs again - I did it in August, then backed off training, then broke my toe.
+ Make a gingerbread house
+ Get Reggie to the V-E-T

Blog Goals:

+ Get two posts out a week, even if some of them are just "Travel Tuesday" posts or photos of Reggie.
+ Set up facebook page
+ Post twice a week to my instagram

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  1. Sounds like a busy November as does December. Where do you get your energy? Cheers


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