...so a cat adopted us - Part II

December 13, 2016
Following the previous night's fiasco, there was a moment when I wasn't sure we should bring the cat home with us. If he was so desperate to escape that he lifted up a vent, did he really want to be our kitty? wasn't that a pretty clear indication that he wanted to be left alone?

But he was still sitting there on the porch, looking in through the window in the door, and he still ran over to us to be petted, and the house would be standing empty for the next three weeks...


Catching him the second time was much, much easier. I just dropped some treats into the back of the carrier, and quietly closed the door when he went to investigate. I put the towel over the carrier, which helped calm him down, and we quickly loaded him into the car (with me riding in the back seat next to him), and soon we were on our way home with our new little family member.

October in WV is beautiful

Less than an hour into our six hour journey, we passed a bend in the road where a skunk had been hit by a car. The smell filled the car, and was quickly joined by another worse smell.

Our furry passenger had an accident. A very smelly, messy accident. We stopped at a gas station to pull him out, throw out the soiled towels in his carrier, and try to clean him up as much as possible in the car. I was riding next to him, so I got to do most of the wiping, with my husband holding him still. Overall, he was a good sport about it (the cat, I mean) and didn't struggle much as we tried to clean him up. There was only so much we could do without running water, though.

He fell asleep for a while, and we felt terrible about him sleeping like that in his stinky carrier. He was such a good little boy, barely meowing (although seeing the big trucks pass by scared him).

When we got home, we braced ourselves at the prospect of bathing a cat, but he needed it. We got a roll of paper towels, a bowl of warm water and set out de-poopifying our new cat.

He loved it. Turns out, any sort of petting, scratching, combing, fussing over or other kinds of attention our little cat loves. Being wiped down with a warm paper towel soon left him like this:

A few days later, it was off to the vet to be fixed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and have his claws trimmed. And he's ours forever now.

Reggie's First Month as a Pet

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