December Wrap Up/January Goals

January 04, 2017

The Good

+ Husband and I started trying-not-to-binge watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is so good for an animated "kids show"- there are a lot more characters, especially Jedi, a surprisingly large number of named characters die and it fills in some of the plot gaps between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.
+ Made gingerbread cookies! and a house.
+ And Peppermint Bark! (Although these are actually a bit too thick to be called bark, they're more of .... nuggets)

+ Learned that cranberries pop in boiling water when I made a surprisingly delicious cranberry sauce with oranges and cloves.
+ My dad really liked his gift, I got him a pair of book display stands for him to show off the book he published earlier this year.
+ Got a yo-yo in my Christmas Cracker (one of these, apparently Americans don't usually have crackers?), and it brought back a lot of memories of walking the dog and a few other basic tricks I could do when yo-yos were popular in elementary school.
+ I'm crazy about these planner printables, and they've inspired me to make my own!
+ NYE we restarted one of our absolute favorite video games: Borderlands 2. We also started playing COD: Advanced Warfare, and are waiting on Divinity: Original Sin to arrive.
+ Husband got offered one of the jobs he applied for! Since we returned from Germany, he's been pursuing a new career and just secured that one "foot in the door" job you need to get experience in your field. I'm so proud of him! and excited that he'll get to talk about hop flavor profiles with someone other than me!

The Bad

+ My first attempt at a Yule log. I've made them before, so I'm not sure how it went so wrong. The only thing I can think of is that I used sucrolose (spenda) instead of sugar, but the one I bought is for baking, so who knows? Oh, then I did manage to make one properly, but after telling my mom about my disaster, she assumed I'd given one and made one herself.
+ Learned I've been pronouncing Studio Ghibli wrong this whole time! Princess Mononoke is coming back to theatres for it's 20th (?!) anniversary, and the trailer announcer said it like "gibson" rather than "Geeb" like I've been saying it. oops.
+ It seems like no matter how hard I try, Christmas just isn't the same as when I was a kid, or even a young 20 something.
+ We've been overfeeding Reggie and he's gained about 1.5lbs in two months! He went from about 8 to about 9.5 pounds. The Vet tech described him as not fat, but "sturdy" and that we shouldn't let him gain anymore weight as he might get "diabetus"
+ Two days after Christmas Reggie decided it was time for the Christmas Tree to die. And even as we started taking it down, he kept trying to destroy it. I wasn't ready for the holiday to be over, and as I was cleaning up I kept thinking "you've already killed it, why do you have to keep maiming it's corpse?".
+ Ordered 20 lbs of kitty litter for Reggie with Amazon's Two Day shipping. Four days later it's still not here and we're running out!


+ Realized I had inadvertently gathered data on the same thing twice with different boundaries instead of two separate areas. It only took a week to correct, but very frustrating!


From December

+ Finish the data processing portion of my thesis, display the data in graphs and discuss what they mean in my draft. And send it to my adviser!  not quite yet.
+ Buy presents for my parents
+ See Dr Strange, Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts We saw the first one, and actually drove to the cinema to see Rogue One, but it was so packed we decided to try again some other time.
+ Bake a Yule Log 
+ Make Apple sauce or apple butter nope, but we did finish the apples!
+ Dehydrate more apples - Ok, I didn't, but I did dry cranberries, so I'm going to count this as a win
+ Find those winter clothes that seem to still be in storage
+ Wear a dress or skirt at least three times! Not even once.
+ Squat 135lbs again - I did it in August, then backed off training, then broke my toe. FAILED! I got to a high 130lbs, but failed hitting 135 several times. I did get my bench up to 90lbs, though.
+ Make a gingerbread house

+ Get Reggie to the V-E-T and he was such a good boy!

Blog Goals:

+ Get two posts out a week, even if some of them are just "Travel Tuesday" posts or photos of Reggie. 5/8
+ Set up facebook page See it here!!!
+ Post twice a week to my instagram

January Goals

+ Start The Cut. I'd like to lose 5-10lbs of fat over the next several months
+ Go ice skating! The rink is right across the street from me, I get free entrance as a student and they often give out free skate rental coupons, so what am I waiting for?
+ Get my planner off the ground and start using it.
+ Experiment with Veganism more. It's been years since I've eaten beef, pork, lamb or chicken (I still eat seafood) and I eat a lot of vegan dinners not-on-purpose already, so I'm thinking of making vegan Wednesdays a thing.

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