How I Get Free Magazines

January 15, 2017
There's something oddly satisfying about opening a glossy, printed magazine, especially when it's filled with beautiful photos of frivolous luxuries like designer clothes, exotic destinations, sumptuous food or superbly decorated houses. After I've read through them, I like to use the photos for sketching references, collages and my cat loves to chase after balled up pages from them.

But... if you're kind of tight on money it can seem silly shelling out cash to look at what are often huge packets of advertising for ridiculously expensive products (*cough* Marie Claire *cough*). 

So I get mine for free.

There are a few ways I've found to get free magazines, with the top two being the simplest and my go-to options. Generally, I have to check their offers regularly and select anything that looks interesting instead of choosing the magazine I want to read and finding it for free somewhere, but there are lots of well known magazines in mass circulation to choose from. I have never had to give out any credit card or payment information, just an address where to send the magazines, so check out these ideas! - From here I have ordered Better Homes and Gardens, Shape, Marie Claire, Organic Living and Popular Science! (as well as some digital editions I always forget about.) The line up changes often, but they usually have a few large circulation gossip mags, parenting, food and some niche hobbies (auto magazines have been particularly popular lately). There are also other rewards available for logging in and checking email, although apart from certificates to they've been duds.
Some of the selection as of January 15th, 2017 - This is how I got Glamour Magazine, GQ, Real Simple, Time and Travel + Leisure and it includes more magazines in Spanish. You do have to fill out a survey (it's short, straight forwards and not awkward - the last one I did was on organic veggies) to earn dollars to spend in their library, so for some of the more expensive magazines you'll have to check back later to answer another survey and save up. (I think you get $20 for each survey)

Some of the selection as of January 15th, 2017
and * - Ok, so these websites, if you haven't heard of them, give you a huge variety of ways to redeem your points, including cash. You do tasks like watch videos, fill in surveys and complete offers to get points and there are online communities about strategies to generate more income on these so called "beer money websites". While you do have to work for the points (so ok, it's not technically free) you can do things like leave video playlists running while at work or answer questions while waiting for your dinner to cook. I got a subscription to "Draft" magazine for my husband through an offer on swagbucks for a couple of days worth of clicking.

*if you do sign up using one of these links, you'll be using my referral code, which means we both get a sign up bonus and I'll earn a small percentage of what you earn, too. (like, I won't be taking 10% of your earnings, the website will pay me in addition to you). You'll get your own referral code to send to friends or post online to get similar bonuses. If you do use my links, comment and I'll help you get started.

Libraries - The library I went to growing up had a magazine exchange table where you brought a magazine you were finished with, left it there and picked up another someone else had left. My current library doesn't seem to have this program, or maybe I just haven't found it yet, but I bet other institutions (especially ones with waiting rooms!) have similar programs.

Update: might be another one, I just found them today so I haven't successfully received anything from them. I'll update it they do send me the magazines.


  1. I used to be OBSESSED with reading ALL the magazines - but thanks to technology, I no longer need them!

  2. My mom keeps sending me free magazines and I always wondered how she did it. Now, I finally understand. Personally, I love the tangible feel of a magazine. And the fact I can tear out recipes or items that look like they match my aesthetic.


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