January wrap up and goals for February

January 31, 2017

The Good

+ Started an online MOOC about  Magic in the Middle Ages
+ Got a library card! (I still have mine from the Library I grew up near)
+ Reggie learned how to play fetch
+ Saw Rogue One
+ My adviser is going to find a way to cover my sustaining tuition until i graduate
+ Celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary by buying a video game we've been waiting to play!

I'm trying to ramp up my activism

+ Went to my local sister march of Women's March on Washington
+ Protested in Philadelphia the next week during the GOP retreat
+ Sent some emails to the GOA about Trump's finances

The bad

+ that job husband got fell through
+ when I filled out the forms for my Library card, the Librarian made fun of my name (she said my parents named me after a mascot) no one's done that to me since elementary school
+ Hurt my knee after I fell ice skating
+ Magic in the Middle Ages is really basic so far - the church wasn't keen on it? you don't say!
+ Husband dropped a barbell on his face. It was empty, which is probably why he wasn't paying attention when he racked it, but now he looks like someone punched him in the eye.
+ Reggie (the cat) is getting more and more rambunctious. He has so much energy, and wants so much attention that we can't keep up. He also seems to want to play with me (read: attack) and snuggle with my husband.
+ Trump. Too much to write about here.

January Goals

+ Start The Cut. I'd like to lose 5-10lbs of fat over the next several months
+ Go ice skating! The rink is right across the street from me, I get free entrance as a student and they often give out free skate rental coupons, so what am I waiting for? I went!
...and fell over spectacularly 15 minutes before public skate ended, while stopped and talking to my sister. Banged my knee up really badly.

+ Get my planner off the ground and start using it.

+ Experiment with Veganism more. It's been years since I've eaten beef, pork, lamb or chicken (I still eat seafood) and I eat a lot of vegan dinners not-on-purpose already, so I'm thinking of making vegan Wednesdays a thing. - well, i bought some plant based milk and didn't really like it (I'll keep trying more), made some "meat"balls using Gimme Lean vegan sausage (they were really good, I added minced apple to them for flavor and moisture). And I got a vegan cookbook out from the library

Febuary goals

+ Finish the processing data part of my thesis
+ Get more serious about cutting, start tracking calories again, etc
+ Go to another protest or similar event
+ Get two blog posts our a week - I'll settle for 7 this month. 

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