February wrap up

March 03, 2017

The Good

Husband had an interview, and three days later he got the job! He is a professional craft beer nerd - And he signed up for the second cicerone exam
Thinking of moving to Philadelphia, and was so excited to find nice apartment a within our price range!
Lady Gaga's half time show
Beat COD AW on Valentines Day. It seemed really short?
We had some unseasonably warm weather, reaching 72!!
Rescued someone under a barbell. I wasn't sure if this should go under good or bad, because the guy hasn't returned to the gym since, but I'm pretty proud of myself for knowing what to do and not dropping it on his face.

The Bad

Reggie keeps cutting his face on something in our apartment and we don't know what
He's also a little monster who revels in tackling papers of any kind, and tries to eat my notes.
Husband was away for a week
More Trump
Having trouble finding a video game for PS4 that's fun for couch co-op, we've hit a couple of duds.

Goals from last month

+ Finish the processing data part of my thesis - almost, there are a few things I need to go back and double check
+ Get more serious about cutting, start tracking calories again, etc - did this on and off
+ Go to another protest or similar event - Nope :(
+ Get two blog posts our a week - I'll settle for 7 this month. - Ha ha, nope.

Goals for March;

+ Write ten more pages on my thesis! That should give me something to hand my adviser and let him figure out what to do with it next.
+ Come up with a better blogging schedule.

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