Listen to the stories of 5 badass ladies you Missed in History Class

March 08, 2017
I've listened to Stuff You Missed In History Class since... 2010 maybe? It's been a long time, and though there's been a number of hosts, the excellent storytelling never changes. The podcast is full of mysteries, battles, shipwrecks, kings and princesses, pirates, daring escapes and adventure, as well as covering the usual treaties, court cases, succession, trade agreements and wars you'd expect to find in a history course.

Since today is International Women's day, I wanted to share some podcasts featuring badass ladies I'd never heard of! (Or perhaps, that I Missed in History Class). The podcasts are all very easy to listen to; while there are plenty of names and dates, they keep all the good bits in.

+ The Night Witches - An all female WWII bombing regiment from the USSR. Their planes were so outdated the only way they could maintain a stealthy approach was to cut their engines and glide to their targets. The soldiers on the ground could hear the air passing over their wings and thought it sounded like broomsticks, hence the Night Witches.

Listen if you ever wondered: What do you do when you've jettisoned everything and your plane is still losing altitude? Grab a compass and jump!

+ The Glamorous Strongwoman - Katie Sandwina, full of brawn, beauty and charm.

Listen if you ever wondered: How much you'd have to lift over your head to beat the strongest man on earth.
In Heels, too! From the Bain Collection

+ Gertrude Bell: The Uncrowned Queen of Iraq - Part 2 - Explorer, Archaeologist, Mountaineer, Stateswoman and Spy.

Listen if you ever wondered: Who was really rubbing elbows with Bedouin kings and shaping countries in the early 20th century.

+ The Heiress Explorer: Louise Boyd and the Arctic  - another Explorer and spy, she was also a socialite, art patron ----  She brought a maid with her, and some friends (including a count and countess) on a polar bear hunting expedition. while keeping an eye out in Greenland for Nazis for the State Department.

Listen if you ever wondered: What to wear when you go from arctic exploring to an awards show.

+ Don’t Cross the Dragon Lady, Cheng I Sao - After her husband's death, Cheng I Sao stepped in as the arguably most successful pirate in history. She led 7 fleets of pirate ships in the early 19th century, and imposed a stringent code of rules and ethics.

Listen if you ever wondered: How to manage a fleet of tens of thousands of pirates, including side hustles, bookkeeping and retirement plans. Perfect for #ladybosses and entrepreneurs.

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