March wrap up

April 01, 2017


+ Husband really likes his new job - but the hours are long and the commute is nearly an hour each way (we're moving closer in a couple of months), so I feel like I barely see him anymore. I miss him.

+ Someone threw out this massive 42 inch HDTV! So I hauled it back to my apartment, only to find that it doesn't work. Fortunately, my brother in law repairs things like TVs almost as a hobby and is taking a look at it now. Even if it needs a new main board it shouldn't be much more than $40, assuming my BIL doesn't have the part lying around.

+ Since we're moving in a few months, I've been going through a lot of my stuff and throwing out what I don't want anymore. It's both liberating and daunting - I have so much stuff from my parents' house that we never really unpacked that I forget I have. 

+ We're having a really hard time finding decent two player games for the PS4. I guess the days of crappy dial up are long gone, so playing with a friend is all online - which means you need two consoles, two tvs, two copies of the game, and two playstation online accounts.

+ The last snow of the season! Hopefully.

+ Managed to increase my dumbbell row and incline barbell bench press. Small victories are still victories, right?

+ Made this super cute video of Reggie, posting it on facebook and got a whopping 7 likes. (The video quality really falls off once I upload it to blogger, I'll have to look into that later.)

+ Speaking of which, Reggie has his own instagram account now @vonSmallMittens

+ New blog layout! I'm still tweaking some things, but I felt like the last one had too much white space in random places.

Goals from March

+ Write ten more pages on my thesis! That should give me something to hand my adviser and let him figure out what to do with it next. FAIL - my adviser stopped replying to my emails while traveling for the month, so I got frustrated and my progress really stagnated.
+ Come up with a better blogging schedule. FAIL

Goals for April

+ Find an apartment in Philly
+ Finish resume and two versions of a cover letter. I had an up to date CV, but it got misplaced when I tried to install windows on my mac. 
+ Get to a March for Science Rally - I'm aiming for Philadelphia
+ One post about how my fitness journey is going

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