My Deck Garden - Early June

Years ago, I stumbled across the blog 66squarefeet about a garden on a NYC balcony. It was such a beautiful urban retreat, that even after the blog turned more and more to food and I eventually read it less and less, I remembered it all these years later.

So when we found our current apartment, I started the garden even before we fully moved in, with the few plants we had from our previous apartment, and a couple kits that I bought from Target (I would not recommend this route). I was so eager to get started, I used a pie server buried in a box of my husband's things for a trowel.

I left my cat alone with the spider plant that was the bridesmaids' gift at my sister's wedding (they were off shoots from her husband's parent's wedding) and he thought it was a fun snack. It hasn't quite recovered yet.

But back to my efforts to start a balcony garden:
At first, I was an urban dirt farmer. I had all these pots filled with dirt and no plants. I bought some flowers from the Home Depot for like $1.78 each, and a sweet mint plant (for mojitos!!) for a bit more. I wish I'd bought more plants when I was at it, and I'll probably return soon.


Slowly, the first signs of life appeared in one of the herb pots (still not sure this just isn't a weed, to be honest) and then the cucumbers. The third was another herb, and this time I'm certain it's not just a weed blown in by the wind and rain.

Not a weed!
Also on the deck are the two rhododendron plants my husband brought back from his mother's house. It's surrounded by huge bushes that almost make a wall around the garden, separating it from the acres of forest. Reggie was living under some of those bushes when we first met him. Today my husband left the house for the last time, as they have a buyer, so the rhododendrons are a little bit of home for him. I actually send him down with more pots in case he wants to bring back anything else.

West Virginia Rhododendrons, plus a bonus mystery plant.
So far there's been nothing from the bell peppers and tomatoes, so I think I'll just buy baby plants from Home Depot or Lowes instead of trying from seeds again. Oh, and I definitely need cilantro, parsley, basil, rosemary, probably a second mint and cilantro plant.... and a pumpkin, and some climbing plants for the wooden wall. Oh, and my real dream is to have a container pond, and I could go on and on and on.


  1. First ...cutest cat ever!!! My kids loved walking our cat when we had him. So cute!!!

    Second ... I can't grow anything to save my life so you're plants are like heaven to me! Plus I miss having a deck... I have an ugly concrete patio! It lacks character!

  2. The cat is adorable and the plants are looking good. I can't grow anything so it is nice seeing others results.


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