My deck garden, late June and The Squirreling

June 25, 2017
My garden two weeks ago, my little deck garden now:

The evening I posted last about my deck garden, my husband brought back thyme, oregano, chives, garlic chives, and some succulents whose name I don't remember.

Th herb that really took off is cilantro, which was probably the one I was most looking forwards too out of the bunch. So many of them sprouted, but the initial leaves didn't look anything like cilantro leaves. Now that I think about it, I guess I knew that the first leaves weren't the first "true leaves", but it left me confused about what was growing!

Those empty white cups have pumpkin seeds in them, that are half a week late in making an appearance. I am impatient, and I would love to have pumpkins for the fall.

June 14th I stopped by Lowe's, bought a huge bag of potting soil, as well as three spike celosia/cock's comb , a sweet basil, a lavender, a parsley and a serrano pepper plant. There was a pile of half dead plants on a cart, and I cautiously asked the gardener what would happen to them in case I could get them at a discount, but he was on to me and said they would return to the nursery. But here is my deck garden right after I potted and repotted my plants June 14th:

Since then the tomatoes came to life and I've had to transplant some of them, cucumbers and cilantro just to give the plants some room to breath. I found a second mystery plant, this one in the sweet mint, and it looks like the first mystery plant is about to flower.

Everything was going well, until June 23rd: The Squirreling.

(insert the violins from Psycho here)

Maybe it wasn't a squirrel, but I'm not sure what else would have done this:

I didn't place the beheaded flowers up there, the culprit did! Now I'm worried about what will happen when (if) my veggies do start to grow. I didn't think I'd have to worry about animals living in a city on the second floor. I hope the squirrel thinks cilantro tastes like soap.

That was a few days ago, and today it looks like they're starting to grow back! Hope and flowers spring eternal.

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