So I moved to Philly

June 06, 2017

I have been neglecting my blog for the past couple of months. I had fallen into a slump and didn’t feel like I had anything worth writing about. We’d been spending all our spare time looking at apartments, and with two weeks before our current lease ended, and after looking at several duds (including one where the rental manager casually explained, the netting on the side of the house was to prevent birds from flying into a hole) we found our current apartment.

 The rent is a bit more than we were hoping for, but the apartment has two bedrooms, hardwood floors, a fireplace and a deck! It also has a tiny kitchen with even less storage and counter space than our current place, (I think we’ll be buying a table to use as an island - or making one) and a teeny weeny bathroom, and no laundry. We bought a portable washer and dryer (who knew these existed?!) and so far, it seems to be doing the job!

Right now the apartment is still full of boxes, some are empty, most are at least half full. Our previous apartment had more storage and we had to leave the dresser behind, as it was ridiculously heavy and the drawers didn't come out, so now the bedroom is overflowing with clothes, and the guest room/office is overflowing with everything else.

But I think there's potential, hidden away there behind the moving boxes, and I have flowers and veggies growing on my deck already.

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