My Deck Garden, Early July

July 09, 2017

My little garden keeps growing! I painted a cheap side table from IKEA and am going to leave it outside. The cushions were free, I actually picked them up for a friend but haven't got around to giving them to her, so for now they'll do for sitting until we get around to buying actual furniture.

One of the mystery plants now has berries, and we thinkit's a poke berry plant.

The cucumber has flowered and sent out little tendrils.


The serrano pepper and lavender have flowered as well

Serrano Pepper
So has the basil, despite my attempts to keep it pruned.

I learned that in fact, you can regrow green onions! You just have to make sure you leave all the white and a teeny tiny part of the green part of the bulb.

 Most of the plants in my little deck garden are thriving, but some others are turning yellow. I was specially upset to see the cilantro yellowing and drying out since everyone told me that was weed that would grow like wildfire. I also I love cilantro and really missed it when I was living in Germany, so I had high hopes that I'd have fresh cilantro through the year. I did a bit of Googling and found that yellow leaves can be caused by a lack of nitrogen by under washer and or by over washer and. The cilantro came and pots didn't have proper drainage I've been afraid that I have in fact and drowning my cilantro.

I stopped watering it, and it just seemed to get worse. Despite it being very hot, we've had some very heavy rain here, so I think they might have got, well, boiled. I'm thinking of moving some inside where the temperature is a little bit more moderate.

Last week
What am I doing wrong?!?!

But my biggest complain is the mosquitoes! Once it's cool enough in the evening to go outside and enjoy the deck, they're out in swarms. I have bites not just on my arms and legs, but my stomach and chest and I have no idea how they got there! That is while wearing repellent and citronella candles. Right now the best time to enjoy my deck is first thing it the morning, while I drink my coffee, and before the nearby construction starts and the sun gets too high overhead. 

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  1. I'm having issues with my cilantro, too! Someone told me it's super finicky... not sure if they were just saying that to make me feel better. Lovin' the lavender, though! Have you used it for anything around the house yet?


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