June Wrap Up

July 01, 2017
I can't believe June is over already! We've spend our first full month in our new apartment, but are still dealing with the boxes and chaos of the move. There are times when I love living in the city, although since the transportation leaves something to be desired (despite what everyone told us) a lot of stuff to do still seems awfully far away.

Highlights of this month:

+ Husband took the 2nd Cicerone test

+ Visited the Kawaii Kitty Cafe...twice (the cafe has a room where they foster adoptable cats and a limited number of people can go in and drink their coffee while they pet the kitties.)

One of the cat's up for adoption at the Kitty Cae

+ Husband sold his mother's house

+ Started my deck garden
+ Took Reggie out on said deck regularly

+ Tried three gyms, signed up with the third

+ Started spray painting furniture to personalize it

+ Built/hacked a bar for the kitchen

+ Started making cold brew coffee

+ Tried a beer that tastes like pickles. Gross.

+ Ate lots of good mexican/tex-mex

+ I had to call Animal Control on someone. She's was standing by the side of the road begging with a cardboard sign, with a cat crammed in a tiny carrier in direct sun. I was really conflicted, because her sign said they were recently homeless and maybe that cat was the only friend in the world she had, but I was so scared the poor thing would overheat (it's been really hot here lately) and I know sometimes animals and children get used as "props" in these situations, so I asked animal control if they could check on them and they said they'd send someone over. The next day they (the woman and the cat) weren't there. I hope I did the right thing.

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