Reggie vs the Blinds

July 07, 2017
When Reggie first came home he was scared of the window. I guess he thought if he got too close he might find himself an outdoor kitty again, but far far away from the rhododendron bush he was living under when he found us.

In our previous apartment, we had a very nice, wide windowsill at ground height, perfect for watching birds, squirrels and the other residents walk by. The outside of the buildings were lit at night, and when the blinds are down all the way, it made a perfect little fort for Reggie to gaze out into the night before we headed for bed.

Sometimes he'd try to attack you from between the blinds, a flurry kitty arm flailing at you, or maybe a little face full of teeth and fluffy cheeks nips at you before sliding back in, like some great sea monster sinking into the waves, leaving the surface undisturbed.

He wouldn't go in under the blinds, of course. Instead he'd pick a gap at about chest height and force his way though.

Even after we stopped lowering them all the way, he insisted on going in through the middle. He broke one

then another

and another.

Needless to say, we did not get our whole deposit back, and we do not have blinds at our current place.



  1. "Can't go over it, can't go under it, must go through it." - most cats about most things. Reggie's a cutie!


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