The cut, week one

July 12, 2017
And so ends the first week of my cut! It is a pain in the ass to log all your food. I know it gets easier with time, but the last time I did this seriously I was still in Germany so all the foods needed to be updated.

Starting weight: 138lbs
This week's ending weight: 137lbs (this isn't actually the lowest weight I hit, but it's what I weighed this morning)

Protein goal by day (I'm trying to hit 88g a day on a pescatarian diet)
Wednesday - 55g
Thursday - 67g
Friday - 68g
Saturday - 64g
Sunday - 26g - dinner not included (had to make dinner in a hurry last minute, didn't weigh stuff)
Monday - 27g - dinner not included (went out to eat)
Tuesday - 68g 

I realize if I want to hit my protein goal I really need to start eating more protein for lunch and breakfast instead of just trying to get it all at dinner. I like the idea of treating each meal as an opportunity to fuel and nourish my body rather than time to restrict what I can eat. I'm just really lazy when it comes to planning ahead, so often lunch is whatever's fast and easy.

The first day I ate very little for most of the day so I could have a nice big dinner. This left me tired and grumpy, and then when I made my huge dinner I only actually ate half of it, so it only was I tired and hungry most the day for nothing, but I came in way below my protein goal because I didn't finish my dinner. The thing is, I've done this before and really should know better!

After finishing the week and looking back, I found I eat way too many carbs. And most of those came from sugar and rice. Coincidentally, I started reading Christine In Chicago's blog, and this post on the keto diet. Now I'm not going to be doing anything as extreme as keto, but it reminded me that there are lots of low carb alternatives for common foods. So I started googling low carb recipes and I found this terrify recipe for bread rolls with 1/2 cup psyllium husk powder. You know what that is? Metamucil. This bread would have you pooping like a wood chipper. 

Overall, I have been absolutely exhausted this week - to the point where I often lie down to try to take a nap. I don't think it's just restricting my calories, it's the heat and starting the cube method as well. Reggie also wakes me up an hour before I'd like to be getting up because he is a little monster who can't wait for his breakfast. We've been thinking about getting an automatic kibble dispenser so I can sleep that actual hour, but honestly, I think he'd wake me up anyway, because he's a little cat monster.

My plan for next week? Eat more!

+ Eat more cauliflower rice. I'd stopped because we got a rice cooker and it makes perfect rice every time and I don't have to pay attention to it while it cooks. But an extra serving of veggies never hurts.
+ Eat more lentils
+ Eat bigger lunches
+ Eat more fat

Completely not on purpose, I don't eat a lot of fat when I'm dieting, mostly because the high fat foods I like most are carby things like chips that, aside from all the salsa I try to load on them, don't really have any nutritional value. I like avocados a lot, but I swear they're only ripe for like, 20 minutes and then I have to throw them out. Cashews are expensive, almonds have gross texture... I bought some coconut oil for my stir fries so I'm hoping that by switching out the rice for cauliflower and adding some coconutty fat they'll be delicious and a bit more in line with my macros.

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  1. Thanks for your thorough update. Cheers to your next week!


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