Training​: A new gym & a new program that might kill me

July 03, 2017
I wrote previously about looking for a gym, and the third one was the charm! We have to drive to get to it, but there's a parking lot and it seems like the owner really put a lot of thought and money into the place. There's even a fingerprint scanner to log in, and you can play racing video games on the bikes (albeit the graphics leave something to desire). Best of all, they have powerlifting bars!

Anyway, since it's been about a month since we stopped going to the gym regularly, we thought it might be time for a new program: enter the 4-day a week Cube method by Brandon Lilly.

Right now it looks like the biggest benefit of the cube method is you only go heavy on one lift a week, and you rotate which one it is each week. (you can enter your maxes and calculate how the program would look for you here). The other days you work on "explosive" lifts at lower weights for more reps as well as variations (like close grip bench press). This is exhausting, but there's something satisfying about putting in a good workout, you know?

I am not good at pacing myself. I'm already lifting such teeny tiny weights that I feel like I can't back off and go easier, or what would be the point? So instead of working my way back up, I punched in my highest maxes and threw myself in, and beat myself up. The day after squatting, my legs were sore - not too surprising considering I took a month off. My DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) are usually worse about 24 hours after the workout, but they just kept getting worse over the next few days. The next day we did bench, and a couple days later BOOM, my traps (yeah, I don't know why those started hurting) are incredibly sore. I even had to take Friday's workout off, because it was heavy deadlift day and my legs were so sore I didn't think I could keep my form decent.

Today I made it back in the gym, but it was only accessory work so hopefully I'm be find for squatting on Wednesday. Hopefully this week won't leave me waddling around the apartment and making old lady noises whenever I have to bend down!

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  1. Too funny! I know the feeling though! It's tough to get back into a workout routine and even harder when you're sore! Good luck I look forward to hearing about the method and it's results down the road!


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